Saturday, January 23, 2016

When Sisters Work Together

I have a story I want to share…

A lady came into Thomas Sewing Center, a place where my sister works part time. This lady told my sister about her sister who had breast cancer and is not doing well at all and asked if my sister would make her sister a pillow. Without catching her name or telephone number, or her sister’s name, my sister created the pillow immediately, and took it back up to the store. It was a good while before the lady came back in to pick it up. When she did, she brought in two pieces of fabric ~ although Thomas’s has lovely fine high quality fabrics ~ she purchased her fabric elsewhere! She asked if my sister would make her sister a quilt. My sister then found out her name ~ Brenda ~ but not her sister’s name.

My sister assured her it would get done for her sister.

My sister called me.

She told me the story and asked if I would make it.

Of course, I told my sister.

While in town last week, my sister gave me the fabric…
One piece was 1.5 yards and the other piece was 2 yards.
They didn’t match.

When Mother & I went to Thomas’s to shop for a new sewing machine, I gave momma the mission to find three pieces of fabric that would match nicely with the 1.5 yard piece – a light, a medium, and a dark. I had already decided to use the 2 yard piece Brenda provided as its backing.

Momma did a great job!

I had an idea how I wanted to make the quilt, but it changed after looking through Nancy’s Notions most recent catalog! It was there I saw this quilt kit:

Then I brought out the graph paper and coloring pencils and modified the pattern to fit my colors:

When I got back from the Dallas trip, I put the sewing table together, then figured out how to operate the new Janome 8900, with my sister’s help via telephone!

This “A Sister’s Quilt” is the first project done on the new machine!

It goes into the quilting frame today! I need to get it done and in the mail back to my sister as soon as possible. My sister will then get it to Brenda’s sister…

We are sisters working together...


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    1. Thank you!
      Certainly! Please share anytime, any thing!


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