Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A Week Later

My goodness. This week has flown by much too quickly! This afternoon I head back to Dallas, to again help my mother during her rehab period after breaking her right wrist on January 13th. Yes. It was a “Friday the 13th” freak episode of tripping over her feet.

I got a week respite after spending 29 days there (three days during this time I had two special visitors)! For a blessed 7 days I came home ~ to regroup, to spend time here at home with my family, and get some remodeling done on the dedicated sewing room! Thank the Lord for my sister!!!

Back to the renovation update ~ I had to basically empty the room first, before we could install the new flooring, which took a couple of days while DH had a few projects to do outside. You can see the absolute mess I faced in my previous post.

The Allen & Roth laminate flooring was a BUGGER to install. Last year we installed the same principled type flooring in our living room, but a different brand. It was a room three times bigger and it went down beautifully with hardly any issues. But, not this stuff.

Anyway. It’s done.

We put the bookcases back in the room and I reloaded the shelves with most of my collection. I’m selling the knitting books. I know I will never learn to knit.

Did you happen to notice the tv trays leaning against the wall next to the bookcases?

These are older than me! They also still work! I have precious memories of using them at my grandparents when they lived behind us, and then at the farm. They will NEVER get painted, nor thrown away.

We then moved the new HEAVY SUCKER quilting frame and machine boxes from the living room! (Yes. They’ve been there since arrival in November 2016)!

I’ve order wall cabinets – white Shaker style – for this wall. I will pick up from Lowe’s and we will get them installed once I get back.

If I can find oil-based paint, I may eventually paint the remaining walls white. I know from lessons learned latex paint will peel off the paneling.

To the right of the door was once a window. It’s been filled in, and will have a wall cabinet, but it won’t totally cover the ‘pieced’ section. I’m still thinking about how to cover it as my Plan A didn’t work. I saw on Fixer Upper where Chip used a “peel and stick” type of flooring on a wall. Well, it wouldn’t stick to the varnished paneling like I’d hoped. I am NOT ABOUT to strip the varnish, so am back to the drawing board on this one! Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

I cleaned out a closet. I should have taken a “before picture”…
But, I didn’t.

It’s cool to clean out a closet after having stuff buried for 15-20 years! It’s amazing the things that are rediscovered!  

Now it’s time to de-clutter!

While going through the all stuff taken out of the room, I set up two boxes…
1)    donation to the local Senior Center
2)    donation for the American Legion Post #116’s annual “garage sale” at the Diamondback Jubilee (Rattlesnake Roundup) in Lometa Regional Park on 3/25/17
I also have a HUGE trash bag.

It’s a start.
It’s only been a week.

Until the next time I’m back home…

Friday, February 17, 2017

Dedicated Sewing Room - Progress Report

It's been a long time coming, one of the last rooms to renovate in this 1918 house. What I've lovingly referred to as my "walk-in closet" is now changing!

What it looked like in November 2014:

Trust me. It only got worse.

I know.
I have too much "stuff" !!!
But, but, I have so many things I want to do.

Over the years, there have been many passions, wants, desires to create various projects.

When taking everything possible out of the room, I know there will be a few items totally tossed. Some will donated.
Some will be put up for sale... like all my knitting books because I know my brain doesn't work that way, and my hands can't take it. No. I'll simply crochet.

I haven't yet gone through the "stuff" as I had to clear the room for the new flooring:

Anna had never been able to look out this window!

The fun begins this afternoon!!!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Creating Your Own Organizer - Free Printables Found!

Just before Christmas a friend called my attention to a 2017 quilt planner she’d come across on the internet. I took a look and decided it wasn’t for me, not just because of the hefty price (even when multiples were ordered together), it was because I knew I wouldn’t use all the various pages included. It would be a waste.

I decided to create a planner myself, to customize it to fit my needs and wants. That’s when I went searching for ideas and free printables on the internet.

I came across Just a Girl and Her Blog. Abby has wonderful ideas and I signed up on her website for additional printables exclusive to her newsletter subscribers! Trust me! Worth it!

In addition to printable pages readily available, she provides a tutorial how create one in MS Word from scratch! Totally custom! Totally me!

Oh, and also, she shares “Plan to Achieve Your Goals this Year!” asking some great SMART questions:

In January I saw the original planner in person. I’m so thankful I didn’t get it because it would be much too heavy for me. Also, I realized it had a spiral binding. I hadn’t noticed that back in December. And, is another reason I wouldn’t want it as it’s too limiting. I’m thinking a one inch three ring binder will be perfect. When September comes, would I really need to be carrying around March stuff?


At No Side Bar, they have a few printables, like the Weekly Planner – perfect for my custom planner!

Blooming Homestead not only offers numerous brightly colored printables, but also shares her method of getting organized! You’ll find a 28 page .pdf download – pick and chose!!!

Oh. My. Goodness. If I can’t find everything I need on Organized Home, I don’t need a planner! They even have a “Fabric Organizer Page” !!!!

Life Your Way has a Home Management Notebook system with sheets for Birthday Organizer and Basic Medical Information among many others!

I also found many printables at Organizing Home Life

Fab n Free created lovely printables for Home-Family organization like Meal Planner and Cleaning Planner. I especially like her “Daily Planner” as it has check boxes for water and exercise (a reminder I need on a daily basis)!

I happened across a website that had a YouTube video about creating planners so got me to thinking…

Who would have thought? Oh, Yes! Check out the variety!!!

I guess everything you ever wanted to know can be found on YouTube!!!

This is not for a binder, but for the sewing room! How fun is this one I found on Crafterhours!

I so appreciate all the talented and good-hearted folks for creating a multitude of free printables!

Now to get started printing…

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