Sunday, February 12, 2017

Creating Your Own Organizer - Free Printables Found!

Just before Christmas a friend called my attention to a 2017 quilt planner she’d come across on the internet. I took a look and decided it wasn’t for me, not just because of the hefty price (even when multiples were ordered together), it was because I knew I wouldn’t use all the various pages included. It would be a waste.

I decided to create a planner myself, to customize it to fit my needs and wants. That’s when I went searching for ideas and free printables on the internet.

I came across Just a Girl and Her Blog. Abby has wonderful ideas and I signed up on her website for additional printables exclusive to her newsletter subscribers! Trust me! Worth it!

In addition to printable pages readily available, she provides a tutorial how create one in MS Word from scratch! Totally custom! Totally me!

Oh, and also, she shares “Plan to Achieve Your Goals this Year!” asking some great SMART questions:

In January I saw the original planner in person. I’m so thankful I didn’t get it because it would be much too heavy for me. Also, I realized it had a spiral binding. I hadn’t noticed that back in December. And, is another reason I wouldn’t want it as it’s too limiting. I’m thinking a one inch three ring binder will be perfect. When September comes, would I really need to be carrying around March stuff?


At No Side Bar, they have a few printables, like the Weekly Planner – perfect for my custom planner!

Blooming Homestead not only offers numerous brightly colored printables, but also shares her method of getting organized! You’ll find a 28 page .pdf download – pick and chose!!!

Oh. My. Goodness. If I can’t find everything I need on Organized Home, I don’t need a planner! They even have a “Fabric Organizer Page” !!!!

Life Your Way has a Home Management Notebook system with sheets for Birthday Organizer and Basic Medical Information among many others!

I also found many printables at Organizing Home Life

Fab n Free created lovely printables for Home-Family organization like Meal Planner and Cleaning Planner. I especially like her “Daily Planner” as it has check boxes for water and exercise (a reminder I need on a daily basis)!

I happened across a website that had a YouTube video about creating planners so got me to thinking…

Who would have thought? Oh, Yes! Check out the variety!!!

I guess everything you ever wanted to know can be found on YouTube!!!

This is not for a binder, but for the sewing room! How fun is this one I found on Crafterhours!

I so appreciate all the talented and good-hearted folks for creating a multitude of free printables!

Now to get started printing…

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