Thursday, March 14, 2013

Simple Instructions

First, a little background – A while back, my sister gave me a HUGE tub full of unused/unopened craft projects ~ mostly quilting related. The tub was too heavy for me to pick up as it was packed full of goodies! Thank you again, Sister! I quickly separated/sorted into smaller boxes and brought them home. What I learned, a friend’s grandmother had passed away and no one in the family wanted the items, so they gave them to those interested in either creating them, or to pass along to someone who would.

As I organized the multiple packages for “Quilt of the Month” Blocks, I discovered an amazing thing! One had 95% of the pieces already cut to size! Only a tad worth needs additional marking/cutting! YES! The perfect project I needed to work on right now… not much thinking or deciding or designing required!

Although I’m not all that excited about the colors and prints the creators selected, I keep reminding myself it is an autumn quilt. The finished quilt is supposed to be 89” x 97” but I’m hoping to redesign and make two lap quilts with the blocks using the “backing” provided in the “Setting Kit” package. If it works! I’ll give an update later with its status, and what the veterans end up receiving!

I love the simple instructions – WITH PICTURES – within each block kit. They even have little arrows pointing to which direction to press the seam! No thinking needed!

I’ve never bought/used a kit before. They are a little too pricy for me. BUT, considering the instructions provided to make new blocks never tried before and the “save” on my hands cutting out all the pieces, I may have to reconsider/rethink!

If you’re interested in learning how to piece a quilt top together, try a kit!


  1. Oh wow! Everything in one package for a quilt? Or do you buy multiple packages to put the quilt together...I'm sure the vetern will love the color - you know most boys don't like the colors we do. They are more earth tones flavored! La Mon

    1. La Mon,
      Each block has its own "package" then there is the "setting kit" ... sometimes one package will make 2 blocks, but rarely! That's why I was saying it's a bit pricey for me... but maybe not considering everything else (hands/hurt/etc).

      This design had a clearance sale price tag of $3.97 EACH, then the setting kit was $19.97 (has the backing fabric & other pieces inside). The only "extra" thing of major concern is the batting must be purchased separately.

      Another quilt of the month set I have has the scrap fabrics for each block, but I will have to cut each piece according to their instructions. It's a "Lewis and Clark" theme, so will certainly suck it up and do it for the Veterans!

      You're so right about the earth tones! I think they'll like it!


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