Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Fresh Cedar

It is Wednesday. This I know because my laptop told me so. It’s a screwed-up-days sort of week going on in my head. I’m always thinking it’s some other day than it actually is. When working from home, it’s difficult to keep the days straight.

Since it’s the twelve day of the month this means only ten more days before the annual slumber party at a dear friend’s house! Lots of girlie stuff goes on and it’s like Vegas – what happens or what is said at her house – stays at her house. I’m so looking forward to the fun of it all. Just chilling with the girls, some I know, some I’ll met for the first time – even though I went to high school with the majority! But that’s been decades ago!

In addition, since it’s the twelve of June means I have one month and one day to get everything finished for the Spring Ho Grand Parade in Lampasas, Texas – to celebrate and promote National Doll Day. I completed a few outfits over the past week and planned others in my head … until I can get back to the studio–

I’ve been on “hold” since January 2011 to get something done on the refinishing and the finishing of this house. Yesterday that changed. The 16’ trailer is loaded with wood & siding… we started back on it this morning! I love the smell of fresh cut cedar…

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