Saturday, December 7, 2013

What Can I Do?

Thursday I went to a meeting. While waiting for all to gather, the lady sitting next to me began sharing how she was part of a volunteer group that spent the day before helping a family displaced by a house fire. Everyone got out safely, but the fire totally destroyed the home. Long before the large emergency agencies arrived, her group saw to it the family had the basic needs – a place to stay, food, and some clothing. My heart and prayers goes out to this family. My heart swells with love knowing this group quickly took care of them.

What can I do?

I can make quilts!

In between creating Quilts of Valor for our Veterans and Wounded Warriors, I can make quilts to wrap around those facing unimaginable loss. Yes! I can help fill the trunks of first responders with quilts of all sizes and colors.

I made this quilt, then realized the size doesn't meet QOV minimum requirements.
It's tied, which is also unacceptable for a QOV. It's somewhere in my sewing room.
I'll take it apart and quilt it once I have a long arm machine!
Someday, it will be perfect to wrap around someone's shoulders needing a hug.
Until then....

Creating a quilt top is cutting out fabric then basic sewing with a sewing machine. It’s the quilting process that gets tricky. The process of tying a quilt is okay, but it will not last for generations. I physically cannot hand quilt, and is why I need a long arm quilting machine.

Folks experienced with long arm quilting machines report a queen size quilt takes maybe 8 hours to complete. Lap quilts would take much less.

Although I couldn’t be at the heartbreaking scene, a quilt would give them my hug of comfort. That’s what I can do.

Will you help me help others? Please, consider donating any amount to my funding campaign for a long arm quilting machine!

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