Sunday, November 23, 2014

Barn Quilts

A recent post, and its following discussion, on a Facebook group page caused me to explore further the concept of a barn quilt! Goodness, I’ve mention many times how I’m “late to the party” on a variety of things. This is indeed one of them!

Of course, I had to do a (my default search engine where each one of my searches provides a penny to the non-profit I selected – Wound Warriors Family Support)!

Straightaway, I found this one that I absolutely LOVE!

At Barn Quilt Info, there is an interactive map of the United States. This is an amazing resource… did you know about The American Quilt Trail? Click on the map, then click on the state of interest… maybe you’re going on holiday and would like to make this part of your trip!

My sister is going to Tennessee for Thanksgiving… I clicked on Tennessee… WOW! I can hardly wait for her to see this map!!!

Oh my goodness… only TWO counties within Texas – and they are opposites sides of the Great State of Texas! This is pitiful! Maybe there are more, and the website hasn’t been updated… maybe….

How fun would this be in Lampasas County, like stated on their website:
 … quilt trails take visitors on a drive through the countryside where barn quilts are mounted on farm buildings, on homes, along fences, and sometimes on freestanding posts. A quilt trail may include stops at galleries, farm stands, wineries and other points of interest that make the journey a day-long event.
Okay. I live on a ranch. I have TWO barns and NO barn quilt square either structure!

This will change in 2015.

So, I need some ideas…

On Quilters Cache, she has created blocks for each one of the US Armed Forces. Due to her copyright instructions, I can’t share a picture of the actual blocks, but trust me! It’s worth taking a look!

Not to mention the 1,000’s of other patterns she shares!

In addition, QuiltViews had an interesting article, A Barn Side Salute to American Quilters, dated October, 2014, stating:
Now, barn quilt trails have sprung up all over America, as rural communities re-ignite quilting’s important national presence.
Of course!

So, what to do, what to do…

Pinterest was also full of different ideas for Barn Quilt squares… go explore! Make a barn quilt block and put it out! Let us create a trail of our own here in Lampasas County and all across Texas!

Side note:

You’ll see in lots of the Pinterest pictures that “barn quilts” aren’t for just barns!

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