Thursday, December 31, 2015

Daily Journal - I did it!

What do you do on this final day of the year? I try not to reflect too much. I would rather focus on the now and what tomorrow may bring. Sometimes, however, I can’t help myself.

I began a daily journal on December 8, 2014. And ~ wait for it ~ I have actually maintained it to this day! It’s not a “diary” like I had when I was young. No “feelings” are included – usually! I learned that lesson the hard way!

It is interesting to glance/read back over, to refresh my memory as to what I did throughout the year. Especially since I keep it on my computer in MSWord, I can easily do a “find” for key words.

For example, over the year, I wrote some form of the word “quilt” 342 times!

Okay, I counted the phrase “quilt quilted” as two “quilt” …

And, certainly Action Quilt (aka Fidget Quilt) also counted. Sometimes they take almost as much time as creating a lap size quilt top!


I’ve tried for years to maintain a daily journal. I’m excited I made it this year! I plan on continuing, especially now that I see the benefits of it helping me to remember what I’ve done. It’s like writing a story of my life. And, the older I get, the more help remembering I need!

For example, I'll share what I posted for yesterday:

Although I don't specifically share my "feelings"
- if you know me, a couple of entries reveal volumes!
Whether using the old fashion way with pen/paper, or computerized, I highly recommend keeping a daily journal! What you include, how detailed, or whether or not you include “feelings” is totally up to you. It’s a great habit to form. Yes. It is a habit, a good one!

I’ve read there are health benefits, when “feelings” are included. Maybe in 2016 I’ll journal more about this roller coaster called life!

For now, I’ll get back to the sewing room and finish a quilt top started a couple of days ago!

I pray 2016 brings you Peace and Joy.

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