Thursday, May 12, 2016

Begging for the Beggar!

In my last post, we hadn’t yet finished installing the living room floor or the baseboards, or painted the walls! Great news! It’s all done! Not absolutely everything is put back in its place, but it will come… at least, it’s not in the front bedroom any longer!

I now have my sewing room back!

Since I couldn’t really sew a major project, or use the quilting machine, for well over a month (we also went on a much needed, long overdue, holiday to North Padre for a few days), I’m making up for lost time! I have managed to keep up with the BOM’s I’ve been doing!

  • Two Veteran quilts finally totally finished!
  • Three Veteran quilts quilted for a couple of friends (they will bind and label and wash)!
  • Two labels applied on Veteran quilts I received back after the binding application.
  •             (All seven quilts delivered for covering our local Veterans!)
  • A very beautiful embroidered blocks Tea Quilt, quilted and returned for finishing!

Now I’m working on creating ONE block for the Texas Department of Agriculture, the GoTexan Quilt Collection Competition (deadline to them: June 10th). The winners will have their blocks combined and a quilt created and on display during the 2016 State Fair of Texas. Thereafter, it will travel for display at various locations around Texas. For those of us who do not win, others will incorporate into quilts for Project Linus.

Bottom line, it is a win-win.

But, Yes. I am speaking negatively because I don’t appliqué. After viewing the previous years completed quilts, all the winning blocks are appliquéd. Mine is embroidery and piecing. I failed to check the prior quilts before requesting/paying for the kit. At least, it will be put to good use.

Oh, my! I don’t believe I’ve mentioned anything about the Beggar Quilt (aka Charm Quilt) project for the 2017 Dallas Quilt Show! Their theme next year is: “It’s a Charmed Life!”

This is what they wrote about it…
Charm Quilts have been around for over 150 years. They are referred to by many names: One Patch, indicating a single shape; Beggar, indicating that the quilter begged for fabric; and Odd-Feller, indicating no repeats in fabrics. Some very recognizable patterns include 1000 Pyramids, Grandmother's Flower Garden, Apple Core and Postage Stamp.

Of course, I want to do this! What a cool Veteran’s Quilt this will be!

I’ve been collecting fabric pieces from family and friends, then cutting them into 2” square pieces! After re-reading their rules this morning ~ although it’s okay with them ~ I’m trying very hard not to duplicate/repeat any fabrics. At least, if I miss a few, I won’t fret over taking out & replacing!

First row ~ almost done!

Would you help with sending me some fabric swatches out of your stash?

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