Saturday, October 29, 2016

It has begun!

Renovations to the back bedroom in this 1918 house – my long awaited dedicated sewing room – have begun! I’m excited beyond words! Finally!

We’ve started with the exterior door.

Due to just the way it had do be – the door into the room from the living area is only 28” wide. It is certainly too small for a wheelchair (not that one is needed right now, but it could change in a heartbeat – been there, done that!) or for moving items into the room like my Aunt Lee’s desk or the antique “kitchen” table I dearly cherish.

While I was in Dallas last week, Bud ripped off the white vinyl siding we put on about 24 years ago… and the interior paneling.

Renovating a 98 year old house has its challenges! There are no “walls” like we are familiar with now (i.e. 2” x 4” x 8’ studs)…

Instead, the walls are made with 1” thick x 12” wide x 12’ – 16’ long planks (they go up into the ceiling and below the porch). These were covered by the shiplap on the outside (the blue) and a shiplap on the inside (the white).

IF we ripped off the interior white shiplap, we may find paper like we’ve found when other rooms have been renovated. Notice, zero insulation! That’s what the paper was for – bless their hearts! And, is why I never used this room much during the winter! This will all get updated!!!!
Of course we're getting lots of help!
First step…

Check back for our progress

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