Wednesday, July 26, 2017

What was I thinking?

I consider myself a “smart” person, one with a bit of common sense. On extremely rare occasions, however, I have slipped up, telling myself, “Oh, just one more.”


And, again.

Then yet again.

Too much of anything is not good. Change it up. Mix it up.

When friends post on Facebook how they’ve racked up their hands or shoulders or this and that while doing what they love, I’ve commented my suggestion: change it up.

Yes. Continuous repetition will come back and bite you! Sometimes Big Time!

How many have heard the saying:

“Do as I say. Not as I do.”

A couple of days ago I really messed up. I spent HOURS off/on cutting 1.5” fabric strips to make more Scrappy Heart Blocks (I need a total of 20 for a small lap quilt).

A total of 6 are now done - 14 left to do!
What was I thinking?

Oh, yes. I kept telling myself, “Just One More!”

The pressure applied to the ruler, lining up to rotary cut a straight edge, has torn up my left hand, shooting pains up my arm. OTC meds (oral and topical) are not helping this time. This morning I’ve put on my hand brace. Something I should have done when I first felt the pain.

Yesterday I did very little cutting as I had a few items ready just to stitch. I took my time. I managed to finish two placemats, the embroidery work on another, and finished the forth amulet bag.   

And, I changed it up.

 - read a bit of The Lakota Way,

 - colored some on the 2017-2018 day planner I found at Walmart (similar to this one at Amazon)

- simply sat with my hands in my lap while watching television – rather than crocheting on an afghan.

Yet still. This morning I know I will probably stay out of the sewing room all together. I need to keep the door closed. I keep pushing myself. I cannot do that.

I need to practice what I preach!

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  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your scrappy heart blocks. Can you point me to a pattern? I like using hearts for donation quilts. I've seen other scrappy heart patterns, but none like this.


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