Friday, April 22, 2011

When I sew...

(Originally posted August 3, 2010)

Memories flood my mind whenever I'm sitting at the sewing machine, handcrafting a special item for the women in our lives. As a very young, growing and developing woman, I vividly remember sitting on my mother’s lap while she sewed, helping her push the fabric through, always hearing her say, “Don’t get your fingers too close to the needle."

I’m blessed to have grown up in a family of women artisans! Both grandmothers, all six aunts combined, in addition to a special Great-Aunt, all created crafty items and unique fashion attire!

My mother, a designer and creator of her own style, won esteem recognitions several times from her fashion entries in the Texas State Fair. I remember clearly the excitement surrounding the events – driving to the fairgrounds, completing the forms required, seeing her model her creations, and celebrating afterwards. My daddy was a jewel in all the support he gave, and continues to give her!

I remember a short time while growing up, I longed for a “store-bought” dress … until the time I did receive one but then a classmate had the same one!!! I was devastated! Never again did I covet clothes off the rack… no, it was then I wanted / needed my own designed, handmade, and unique styled outfit – created by my mother!

Ah, to remember when I sew warms my heart. I’m thankful for what my mother taught me - for her patience, and the love she shared for the value of handcrafted, handmade, crafted items.

Thank you, Momma!

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  1. I've looked at your shop and you're very talented. I've been asked in the past to make costumes for my nieces and nephews school plays and I find the same inner peace from needle work. Although I don't do it often enough.


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