Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bonnets Aren’t Just for Grandmothers

I remember both my grandmothers wearing bonnets whenever they did outside chores. Either when they were hanging clothes out on the line to dry, or working in their respective gardens, both women knew the benefits of wearing a bonnet.

Not too long after we bought our ranch, my mother gave me one of her mother’s bonnets and I fell in love with the concept. I quickly learned how comfortable, yet protective from sun and wind, it is as opposed to a hat.

  • Bonnets let air in, most unlike hats!
  • Bonnets protect the neck area!
  • Bonnets don’t leave “hat hair”!
  • Bonnets allow someplace for my hair to stuff up inside!
  • Yea! Bonnets!
I began making myself a wardrobe of bonnets in different styles and fabrics. I even made a “winter” one out of a soft fleece (no picture, it’s packed away with winter clothes). My aunt pitched in and made a “dressy” bonnet with ruffles for me, too. There is a full length apron that matches the lovely bonnet. I’ve created more, and are now worn by others.

Out of the assortment of bonnets I have, the one I inherited from my maternal Grandmother is my favorite. She made and wore it, but for a brief time before her gardening days ended. I believe it’s the last one she made. It’s precious and functional!

I’ve searched the Internet looking for the same pattern, but have yet to come across one that matches it perfectly. I recently created one based on her design. Without taking the stitches out and the pieces apart, and what I did find on the net, I was able to eventually replicate Grandmother Ophelia’s bonnet. My first attempt didn’t hit it on the nail, but came very close and is a cute and functional bonnet.

As I constructed this bonnet, I made notes on the pattern for what I needed to do next time!

Remember! Bonnets Aren't Just for Grandmothers!!!

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