Friday, May 18, 2012

Domino Effect - Part 2

If it weren’t for neighbor George, then new friend Gail, I would have a lot more sewing done over the last two weeks! I just couldn’t help myself! However, I’m not complaining. I think I’ve lost a little weight, too! Which all are good things!

Reading Part 1 first may help to make a bit more sense of this article.

As a few of us waited for folks to gather before The Lampasas Mystery Book Club meeting (April 29), I discovered where Gail and her husband, Mark, lives. It was interesting to find out that I’ve waved to them for years when driving along our 19 mile stretch of road into Lampasas – and beyond all points south. If memory serves me correctly, while attending TAMU-Central Texas, I watched as their house was being built, their land cleared, fences constructed, and noticed when goats appeared on the scene. Many times as I headed to Fort Hood (still daylight), I would see them walking along the road. We all would wave (Texas friendly) but I never had the time to stop, introduce myself, and welcome them to the “neighborhood” albeit 7 miles away!

It wasn’t until I saw the notice about the book club meeting, crossed the cattle guard for fun, and got myself into Lampasas that I actually met the folks I’d been watching and waving to for years. I added my email info to their roster and received a group email from Gail that evening. Of course, one of the first things I did - looked her up on Facebook. Yep. There she was. We friended one another. It was then I saw posted to her wall a project she was working on. It caught my eye: a Keyhole Garden.

I didn’t see the article about Keyhole gardening in the Texas Co-Op February’s issue! I gave the magazine straight to Daddy without glancing through it.

I took a good look at our west yard… our pitiful former tomato bed.
I’ve so wanted to have another garden area to grow veggies. The watering issue July-September while gone to Dallas put a stop to wasting our time. But with this technique, the ole light bulb went off! And, it’s all because of Gail! Thank you, Gail, for calling this method to my attention!

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