Sunday, May 20, 2012

She's Home!

I am working my way back to the sewing machine. I’m also able to do a bit of handwork again after spending lots of time out on the Keyhole Garden. It wasn’t that I spent hours upon hours each day collecting and stacking (and re-stacking) rock, it’s what I did to my hands while doing it. Then long naps in the afternoons to restore my energy really got me off schedule. With that said, I’d do it again in a heartbeat! That’s what Ibuprofen and naps are for, correct?!?

It felt good doing something physcial and being outside during our cool Texas spring mornings. I’m afraid the coolness won’t last much longer. What’s left to do on the Keyhole is simply (hahahaha) filling it with compostable stuff – readying it for a fall garden. That’s doable and still have hand use and energy left to sew!

Marianne Gotz arrived on Tuesday! She’s adorable!
Her "traveling" clothes - now boxed up in with original packaging
I’m thrilled the outfits I’ve created for Amercian Girl dolls also fit her nicely! They even wear the same size shoes!
Cute bench found at Estate Sale - perfect for photo shoots!
Marianne is getting a special outfit designed especially for her. I have the perfect “Big and Bright” fabric, it’s the actual design I’m still pondering. It will all come together in time!

P. S. In between sewing, what do you do to keep physically active?


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