Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day - 2012

Me growing up was rough on my mother. Looking back, I know I gave her hell at every turn possible in between sprinkles of joy. She’s a tough woman though and got me through it all without too many scars on either one of us! I don’t know where I would be right now if it weren’t for Momma. I am truly blessed.
The greatest gift she taught me was giving unconditional love for family. She never said it, she always showed it – and still does. Among many life lessons she taught me, one thing sticks out above all others. I can hear her words now as she told me, “It’s the mother who sets the tone for the day.” No matter how she felt, or what troubles she was experiencing, she always started the day with a happy, “Good Morning” and a hug.

When frustrated with me I could bet money she would say, “Just wait until you have children of your own.” I certainly heard this more than a few times!

Well, God said, “No” to me having children. Instead, I was blessed when He brought two nieces and a step-daughter into my life. Although I wasn’t around each and every morning to start the day, I love them all with an unconditional love.

Thank you, Momma, for everything you’ve done and continue to do for me.
Thank you, Sister, for sharing your girls with me throughout their life.
Thank you, Bud, for bringing Amy into my life.

Thank you, Sweet Jesus, for your unconditional love
and the peace it brings to me knowing I’ll someday know the reason for “No”.

Something else on the website where I found this picture is exactly how I feel and want to pass along:

To all the women out there who have ever:
 Read a book, tied a shoe, mended a boo-boo, wiped a nose, dried tears, gave hugs, taught lessons, passed on a tradition, allowed a mistake, picked up the pieces, stood on the sidelines, pushed us ahead, and generally been there for us – be it grandmother, aunt, mother, sister, mentor, co-worker, pastor, cousin, or simply a friend…
 We say happy Mother’s Day to you all!! We couldn’t do it without you. Thanks Mom!!

Hope you have a fabulous Mother’s Day!



  2. Well, I am not much on checking face book, or Blogs etc. but I am sorry I missed this one from the heart of my Daughter for Mothers Day. I do remember many days of ,laughter,wipingtears teaching different things like sewing, cooking, manners, smilimg,hugs and kisses--always showing my love. I was so forunute to have healthy children and I tried to make sure they got the help they needed or wanted and I still do that and always will. God has a plan for all of us and I truly believe mine is being a loving caregiver and He has plans for those who do not have children of there own, but the love comes out to other things in life. Time tells a lot of things with patience.....Love is always there. I am so Blessed

    1. Thank you, Momma, for your sweet sweet words! I do also remember all those wonderful days/moments you gave me, and continue to do each & every day!


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