Monday, March 26, 2012

Lack of Focus

Goodness gracious, 2012’s National Craft Month is almost over! In the traditional sense, have you learned a new craft? Did you create something new? I would love to hear about it! Remember I wrote on March 1st what crafting really means (to me)!

This has been a difficult month. I haven’t done all the things, or tried the different crafts, I’d hoped to have accomplish this month. Especially considering the aspect of getting new items created for the upcoming Arts and Crafts Show. Simply chalk it up to lack of focus, but I’ll survive.

I did get several kits ready…

Perfect for Mother’s Day, birthday, or a girl’s best friend, the “A Year In A Jar” is ready to complete for that special person! It will only be available during the upcoming Arts and Crafts Show!

This is similar to what I prepared for my parents Christmas gift. Their individual gift had 52 folded pieces of paper with a statement from the heart on each one with acts of kindness they’d shown me for which I was gratiful. I labeled the mason jar’s lid with “Friday’s Dose of Gratitude” as Christmas Day was on a Friday that particular year.

I saw this again on Tonia’s website, The Gunny Sack, and remembered how much it meant to Mother & Daddy. I created a little instruction booklet to go along with the jar, giving Tonia full credit for her incredible list of ideas/topics to get someone started! She also explains there are many types of 52 Things one can do such as:
52 Reasons I Miss You
52 Memories of Us
52 Ways You Are A Great Friend
52 Reasons You Are A Fantastic Kid
52 Ways You Are The World’s BEST Mother

One more exciting accomplishment I managed during this trying month… but I’ll share that another day! I need to get busy making more zipper pull charms …. I’ll share that too, later!

Anyhoo…hopefully each day will bring a new opportunity to get things right.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

First Day of Spring - 2012

This day started with the continuation of last night’s heavy rain. We’ve seen marvelous lightning shows overnight and into this morning in every direction. Our poor Beth and Anna trembles with every round of eerie rumbling thunder. For us, the storm failed to produce the predicted hail or the tiniest tornado! We are blessed. I hope family and friends are safe and well, too.

Within my ArtFire online shop, when describing a product I always include the statement: "Created in a smoke-free, pet friendly environment". Here is a simple reminder of our girls, picture taken a week ago on a sunshine filled day:
According to the radar, we have maybe thirty more minutes before the rain stops. Then the run off will cause even more flooding potential. Maybe our tank is overflowing its dam! Our low water crossing should be impassable right now. We’ll check both out once the sun comes up!

What’s your most favorite thing to do when it’s raining? Sleep? Read? Sew? What?

P.S. It's stopped raining! The girls FINALLY went outside! Now it's time to get busy sewing! Hope you have a splendid day and thank you for stopping by! Don't forget to leave a comment!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Adapting the Tool

Living independently is empowering! I know lots of folks have various issues causing them to rethink how to do the things they want to do, or once did and want to do again. For me, living with Rheumatoid Arthritis has had its limitations. I’m always finding, adapting, or modifying tools to make creating items for Lanetta’s Creations easier. Items like using a large handled seam ripper to remove basting stitches, or any oops! And, the large wooden handles for my crochet hooks custom made by my husband!

But, doing the deep clean housework has been a challenge for me over the last ten years.

After simply adapting a tool – the squeegee – and quickly cleaning a door’s solid window, I literally did the happy dance! It’s been years since I’ve properly cleaned windows/mirrors without giving up the use of my hands afterwards for days while they recuperated. Why I’m so slow in discovering what/how adapting tools to get the job done, is beyond me.

Thanks to my stepdaughter’s help in cleaning some windows during their Spring Break visit and my sister’s never ending encouragement, then observing how quickly my husband cleaned our truck windshield during a recent road trip, I became extra motivated to figure out how to clean my own windows!

It’s so simple. I’m silly I didn’t think of it before! I did the same thing for the fly swatter…

I started with a $2 squeegee from Wal-Mart:
I found two perfect twigs in the yard and selected the leopard print from my stash of duct tape:
Once the twigs were secured in place, I totally wrapped the handle with the tape and, it was done!
Using a solution of regular white vinegar and water in a spray bottle, the door window now shines!!!

I realize this may not be a big deal to some, but it’s HUGE for me! 

Not that I can/will do all the windows around the house in one day, as Daddy says: Want to leave something to do tomorrow! But I will continue the Happy Dance whenever I do!

What tool have you modified, adapted to fit your needs? How did you do it? Please share!

Monday, March 12, 2012

How to be a free spirit

This interesting picture caught my eye a couple of weeks ago when a friend posted on their Facebook wall.

The “How to be a free spirit” came at a time I really needed the reminders. Not knowing how well the picture will appear on my blog, I’ve listed the items Shannon Kinney-Duh compiled: 
celebrate life * embrace authenticity * laugh out loud * dance for no reason * have FUN * dream big * be bold * create new paths * make mistakes * walk tall * try something new * take risks * inspire * be inspired * shine brightly * enliven joy * make things * connect * love unconditionally * live fully * be an explorer * never stop learning * never stop growing * be curious * be present * give hugs * enjoy spontaneity * open your mind * expand your heart * PLAY daily * be still * fly * color outside the lines * share * be enthusiastic * be yourself always * enjoy simple things * live your passion * see with fresh eyes * listen * let go of perfect * be kind * have gratitude * see the beauty everywhere * breath deeply & smile
Amazing reminders!

Several resonated that I need to work on, others brought a comforting smile knowing I do already on a daily basis. Any hit home for you?

Thursday, March 1, 2012

National Craft Month

Today begins National Craft Month. According to the Craft and Hobby Association, each year over 56% of U.S. households are crafting! Are you one? Are you a crafter?

What is "crafting" anyway? The dictionary defines it as "an art, trade, or occupation requiring special skill, especially manual skill." (Emphasis added) For me it's more than using material things like paper, glue, scissors, or fabric. I think the percentage ought to be much higher when you think of all the things that's considered "an art" requiring a special skill.

I'm working on a list. In my opinion, it's "an art" of special skills when you:

Create the best person you can be.
Create a loving home environment.
Create an open heart of forgiveness.

All of the above requires a special skill set, and is an art to accomplish! Now, the 56% should be much much higher, correct? What would you add to this list? And, I ask again, are you a crafter?

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