Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Gibbs Slap

Fans of the television show NCIS will know what I mean. It’s a wordless, “What are you thinking?” or “Snap out of it, now!” or something not as nice like, “Get your head out of your a$$!”

Rule #5

I thought it would be a good thing…

For a while now, I’ve been contemplating a new direction for the business side of Lanetta’s Creations. Yesterday, I started gathering information, searching the Internet for “how-to” this and that, the legalize necessary to turn a dream into reality, and began a cost sheet.

Then it hit me…

The mental Gibbs Slap caused by my own hand!!!

What am I thinking? I’m considered a “senior” in lots of retail stores… and I’m thinking about starting a new-to-me endeavor with high start up costs?

Snap out of it, now! Goodness gracious! Get over it and just move on… it’s too late…

I won’t go “there” as to the last one as it’s a little dark!

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