Monday, October 7, 2013

Game Plan - Part 3

When I return to the studio, I don’t plan to “cross the cattle” guard for a good while! I hope it works out this way! (It's already changed! Must attend training to work the November election! Oh well, at least I'm working!) Setting up a game plan has been a big help to keep me focused and on point. After I get a bunch done shared in Part 1 and Part 2, I plan to create a few things I found during the September long National Sewing Month’s celebration ~ for myself.

I recently made a camo handbag but it needs to be a bit larger for all the stuff I carry around with me. The next one will have an internal zipper like Craft Passion explains in her tutorial.

Although summer 2013 is over, I think the wide brim hat is perfect protection from the Texas fall/winter sun rays as well. Before I start the much needed work on our keyhole garden before winter hits (readying it for a spring garden), I need something like this. I’m thankful The Weekend Designer provided a great tutorial.

I have a bit of muslin fabric in my stash I’m sure won’t be used in the other projects previously listed/planned. I believe it will be perfect to try my hand at printing… oops, reminds me, I need to put celery on the grocery list! Wonder what I could make to display the original printed fabric? Maybe a pillow?

I know I have to wait a while before tackling the suitcase. I would love to work on it, to get it done to help organize my dolly things, but I must place it on the bottom of my list. 

And, Last But Not Least … I want to learn how to use my new embroidery machine!!!! I need quiet time to study and practice…

Now, something fun for you…
  • When you see a post on my Facebook page, something like: “Part 1, DONE” or “Part 2, DONE” etc. ~ you’ll know what I’m talking about!
  •  Be the first to comment on my Facebook page, mentioning at least three (3) items I should have completed to be “Done” and win a handmade prize!
Good luck!

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