Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sewing Hats

Can a lady ever have too many hats? I don’t think so! Especially now, with the known side effects the sun does to our body. Hats aren’t just for the winter, to keep the ole noggin warm, but to protect our skin from sun damage as well. With the different styles and fabrics available, hats are perfect to wear year round.

In celebration of National Sewing Month, I’ve gathered a round up of different styles of hats to sew rather than knit or crochet!  

I’ve made several hats for my dolls…

I’ve made bonnets …

I’m thinking it’s time to venture out and make a few of these for the ladies in my life... some I know, some I'll never met.

I love the extra extra wide brim on this one! The Weekend Designer has shared amazing instructions how to create this lovely summer hat!

Dulce Taylor shows how to customize/create your own hat pattern. You'll notice the brim on this hat is a bit different, it has a few pleats making a bit of a ruffle effect. I like this!

Martha Stewart has a reversible hat that's a cutie! Although shown for a young lady, I'm sure it could be enlarged without any problems.

On the Craftsylish website, I found a tutorial for a one piece reversible sunhat? Interesting! I like the simple lines of this hat...

A Balaclavas is not really the type of hat I started off thinking about, but stumbled across it while searching for the others and want to include for later reference. I have a ready-made one like this and absolutely love it for the dead of winter! It’s soooooo warm! I tell you, it's great to wear while sitting in a deer stand! And, yes! This lady deer hunts!

For the winter, sometimes I want a tight fitting hat/cap. It’s also perfect for a stylish chemo cap! Hancock Fabrics site offers us a free pattern project using fleece. (pdf)

I have a lot of bad hair days while working in my studio… this twisted slouch hat would be perfect to wear and hide the messy mess! I love the twisted embellishment! Check out Luvinthemommyhood's tutorial using jersey knit fabrics.

I love this Sunny Side Up style hat! (pdf) 

Although I rarely buy patterns when there are so many “free” ones on the Internet, this Boho Cloche Hat may just be the exception!

Needless to say, the possibilities are endless! Which style do you like best?

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