Friday, September 6, 2013

Pet Screen

Have you ever heard of such a thing, using Pet Screen to make bags and other projects? Maybe I should get out more!

I hadn’t heard of pet screen bags until I saw some lovely ones that Michelle Dorsey of Sew Michelle creates! She has developed a line of patterns using traditional pet screen. Some quilt shops, like Thomas Sewing Center in Mesquite, Texas, sells smaller amounts than what you have to get at the major home improvement stores.

Momma and I went to a “show and tell” – the first Saturday of every month – at Thomas’s. It was then and there I saw Michelle demonstrate her purse pattern she’s created using the pet screen. She gave all in attendance a print out instruction chart and the pieces & parts to make one. This is next on my to-do list!

Using “pet screen” is timely. I noticed on the news recently that some football stadiums are now requiring see-through bags, along with some airports, and many retail stores for their employees.

So versatile!!!

At the Embroidery Library, they have a nice article about embroidering on pet screen!

I just found an amazing resource for pet screen by the yard in fun colors! Wonder what color I’ll start off with? Maybe the Christmas red! But, I love the “garden green”!

Which color at the Fabric Depot do you like?

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