Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Make it Pop - Embellish

Adding that little extra trim, decorative stitch, or texture to a project makes it pop. 

If it’s not embellished, it’s not finished! – Betty Blais

This sounds like my mother, too!

Pop = Extraordinary

Ordinary with a bit of “extra” thrown in makes a huge difference in the finished project.

Where do you get your ideas and inspiration to add that extra bit of pop?

For those who are on Pinterest (and if you’re not, I highly recommend it!), I did a search for embellishment ideas. You’ll find over 800 pins to get the juices flowing!

Elle has comprised a Pinterest board “Sewing Embellishment Ideas” that gives some wonderful inspiration.

Then I simply did a google search “embellishment ideas” and found some websites/blogs that I want to keep bookmarked for future use!

Fabric flowers, yo-yo’s, and covered buttons are the rage! Sew Mama Sew already comprised a list of great places to visit for tutorials.

Have you thought of using crazy quilt stitches to enhance a neckline or bodice or a napkin, or handkerchief corner? Here are twenty seam embellishments!

Also, TAST is amazing… Over on Pin Tangle, she does a Take a Stitch Tuesday and has oodles and oodles of hand embroidery examples and great step-by-step instructions! I signed up for her weekly email!

Embellishing doesn’t have to be sewn on…

When you train your eye to look for those small details found in magazines, on web sites, and even television shows or movies you’ll find a wide variety of embellishing techniques for your project.

Do you have a favorite embellishment?

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