Monday, September 16, 2013

The Art of Seaming

Today I began a mission. I wanted a reference point for the different types of seams one can do on various fabrics. Yes! This is a round up of the websites I found. Now all I have to do is check back here to know which links will help out.

Coletterie shows how to create a French seam with the serger, with nice colorful pictures like this:

I hadn’t thought of this before. I would think applying the same principle if a serger wasn’t in the cache by simply sewing a zig-zag stitch 1/4” from the edge, then finish the with the French seam technique. What do you think?

What is a French seam? A few years earlier, Coletterie explained it very well, again with nice pictures showing each step.

Oh, my! I hit the jack pot when I stumbled upon Sew Mama Sew’s Seam Finishes Simplified! Check out the list (they have pictures, too!!!) of all sorts of finishes organized simply using a sewing machine or pinking shears or serger!

Again, I turn to Pinterest where “Juliette” has a board called Guide to Sewing Seams and it’s filled pictures to links for lovely seam finishes! It’s a great way to see what they look like first!

I don’t know if this should be included on the embellish post I’ve done, or here. Guess I’m going to put it here … I love this “Add some zing to your seam” embellishment that The Haby Goddess shared! I can “see” this technique on all sorts of projects! Can’t you?

Now I have the links together, the resource I need whenever a “plain seam” won’t do! And you do, too!

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