Monday, September 23, 2013

Ribbon Weaving

An interesting technique I’ve seen across the Internet – Ribbon Weaving. It’s a bit of embellishment I failed to include in a previous article, Make it Pop - Embellish. It should have been there! It can be a lovely addition to any creation!

A contributor on Craftster provided us a step-by-step picture tutorial how to create a Ribbon Lei… I can see using this, not as a lei, but as a trim around the neckline of something… wheels are turning! 

WikiHow also shows Ribbon Leis using a different type of ribbon.

A Legg Up shows us how to weave a ribbon fish… why not pin this little fishy to a blouse? Or, bag?

KT HOM Designs created a video tutorial showing us The Art of Ribbon Weaving. She made this is for a greeting card, but I ask, why not use it as trim on a garment?

I happened upon "Victory Braid" instructions and wanted to share...

Okay! I’m adding ribbon weaving to my to-do list!

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