Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sewing for Seniors

I’ve seen oodles of websites offering suggestions regarding sewing for children. No need to go there, it’s fully covered. The market is saturated. It is my mission to comprise a list of Sewing for Seniors, items for people years older. With Seniors, the elderly, the Age-Wise generation in mind, I asked myself the questions:

What could I create that complements their active lifestyle?
What could I create to make life easier?
What could I make that is more comfortable?
What could I design to provide privacy?
What could I make while Sewing for Seniors?

When I set my mind to this mission, the list grew and grew. With your help, I’m sure it will grow even more!

Neck Pillows
“C” (Like a travel pillow) and “Bone" or "Bow-Tie” shaped neck pillows
in a variety of fabrics and colors.
I found this nice Bow-Tie shaped free pattern at Sew4Home.

And, a travel pillow pattern at The Cottage Mama.

Made using satin polyester for easy maneuvering against bedding,
satin pillowcases are perfect for keeping the hairstyle nice between salon visits!

Lap quilts
45” x 60” minimum size
Ready to quilt!
Knee Rug
(I’ll use fleece rather than wool)
38” x 46” average size

Hats are great for sun protection as well as for warmth.
Any I shared in the Sewing Hats article would work nicely, too!

Phone Pocket Necklace
I’ve noticed telephones have a tendency to fall out of pockets,
they slip down between seat cushions,
then they are not “missed” until one walks into another room
and the phone starts ringing, or worse, a phone is needed.
I need to create something like this very soon!

Shoulder capes
Elegant yet functional, shoulder capes are easy to wear
while sitting underneath drafty vents
watching television, playing Bridge or Uno, or dozing in the easy chair.
A while back, I quickly created one for my mother using fleece.

A shawl is similar to a shoulder cape, but a bit more versatile.
Depending on the fabric and style, a shawl would work nicely for a man, too!

No Sew Fleece Neck Wrap
Oh, I hate the drafty draft that comes down the back of my neck.
This is something I “fixed” for my daddy… it was so quick and easy, too!
I cut a long (60”) narrow (12”) piece of dark brown (his favorite color) fleece
and that was it! Fleece is lightweight yet warm!!!
Then I showed him how to wear it without having to tie a knot!
This website calls it a European Loop
Fold in half, matching cut ends together, forming a loop at opposite end.
Place around neck and thread both cut ends through the loop,
tighten as desired.

Arm sleeves
My daddy always complained about his arms – from wrists to elbows –
being cold / chilled so I created “sleeves” out of fleece.
Tapered at the wrist, the seam was on the outside
so not to rub or bother his thinning skin.
I so wish I had a picture of him wearing his sleeves…

Wearable Napkins
Originally designed and created for my mother while spending time in a rehab center,
the wearable napkin functions like an adult bib.
But, for something my lovely momma wears, even at home,
I will never refer to it as a bib!

Walker bags
I have several patterns in my stash for walker bags,
but when I went to make one for my mother,
I didn’t like the way they looked so I created my own style.
She loves it, too!

Shopping bags
(13"H x 12"-17"W x 6"-8"D is the size of a standard grocery bag)
Don’t we all have enough plastic already?
I read somewhere,
over the life of one fabric shopping bag
hundreds of plastic ones will become obsolete!
I hate to think of the loss of marine life
and the tackiness of our beaches
if we don’t put a STOP to using plastic shopping bags!

Personal Accessory Bags
I haven’t yet designed this, but is on the top of my to-do list –
I want to create a flap over bag to keep in the bathroom, next to the toilet.
A discreet storage for daily personal needs, and a great use for those monthly needs, too!
It must be at least 11” long, 6” wide, and 8” tall – I’m working on it! 

Cane covers
 In June, a friend of mine brought her cane to show me at our annual slumber party.
She had thought of me, thinking it would be a cool item for me to create.
It was SO cute covered in fabric up to the handle. I had never seen this before!
(I since have gone on a search and found bunches! Guess I need to "get out" more!)
Wouldn’t this be lovely in a leopard print?!?!
Or, coordinating with the different seasons or holidays?!?!
I will be making this for momma’s cane when I get back to the studio!
She is my beta tester!

NOTE: I’m a “baby boomer” (born between 1946 and 1964). When I began this mission I had in mind my parent’s generation. I realize now many items on my list would also work fabulously for other generations!

What else could I make? Please help me with suggestions!

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