Monday, September 9, 2013

Community Sewing

Do you hoard fabric? Are you waiting for that special project to create from the fabric you purchased ~ or acquired one way or another ~ one, five, or ten years ago? Are you overwhelmed with it all?

In addition to my personal hoarding tendencies over the years, within the last three months I’ve received SEVERAL generous sacks and boxes of fabric from lovely family members and friends. Each one told me the story of how they acquired the stash. They all shared that I immediately came to mind when they received the fabric – to pass along to me, knowing I would create something worthwhile.

Again, a heartfelt and humble Thank You to all of you for thinking of me!

What should I do with this wonderful donated stash of fabric? It’s a no-brainer – community sewing projects! But then, I thought: who, what and where? So, I went – you guessed it if you’ve been following my blog – to the Internet.

Quilts of Valor Foundation – I like to piece quilt tops, but have issues with hand quilting. I learned from this site, they match up folks like me with long arm quilters who also donate their time and expertise! 

CyberSeams created a list of charities. Although some are knit or crochet projects, many include sewing projects that the charities need. I’ve pulled out a few that especially touched my heart:
  • Blankets of Hope has a no-sew blanket, too! Perfect for those who want to contribute, but don’t know how to sew!

  • Heads up family and friends… no more wrapping paper! I wonder if I could make a Green Grocery bag for every soul living in my little town? Will you meet the green grocery bag challenge?

The Green Grocery Bag lady explains how and why she started this project –
And, she created a video to show how to make one! Easy! Simple! Quick!

  • Care Wear is nationwide and in Canada and in Italy!!! They have a list of items needed, and a link to sewing patterns. I clicked on “Hospital” and entered the information I wanted to see. For example, I was pleasantly surprised with the many different locations around Texas!

  • On the All PeopleQuilt website you’ll see where American Patchwork & Quilting is sponsoring the 1 Million Pillowcase Challenge. Their motto:
Make a Pillowcase. Make a Difference.

  • Are you in Colorado? Check out the Warm Hearts ~ Warm Babies website and see how you can help

I hope I’ve given you the inspiration to do a few community sewing projects! And, I hope I’ve given you some resources for the who, what and where!

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