Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Who Would Have Thought

This is a must try! The Sidekick mini suitcase by Sew Fearless! What a clever idea! Can you tell how excited I am to discover this fabulous pattern and tutorial? I just had to share with you! I’m sew going to try my hand at this little jewel! 

I envision filling it with a starter wardrobe* for 18” dolls, along with a brand new doll, for a special little girl I’ve yet to meet. I may never meet her face-to-face, and that’s totally okay. One thing I didn’t mention in my Community Sewing article, I want all little girls ~ who want one ~ to have a doll, and a starter wardrobe, to replace one she may have lost due to fire, flood, or any other natural disaster. Maybe her family cannot afford a doll…

 *Starter Wardrobe:
            Pajamas or gown with matching robe
            Blouse and Jeans, store bought tennis shoes
            Dressy dress, store bought black shoes
            School dress (to go with the black shoes)

Wonder what else I could make, to include in the suitcase? Any suggestions?


  1. So, fun! Thank you for sharing my pattern, Lanetta.

  2. You are very welcome, Jodi! I love this! Thank you for figuring it all out! Will be buying the pattern soon!

    Quick question, do you think an 18" doll will fit going corner to corner diagonally?


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