Thursday, September 5, 2013

Scary Zippers

Putting zippers into bags has always been a scary thing for me to attempt… until a few weeks ago when I took my one and only sewing class! I’m grateful Michelle Dorsey of Sew Michelle shared her award winning tips and techniques. The class created her cute Kiss & Make Up Bag. I’m not scared of zippers any longer! Thank you, Michelle!

During the class, we got to use an embroidery machine to create the initial of our choosing! Thanks to Thomas Sewing Center in Mesquite, Texas! Oh, my. They have lovely machines of all types and beautiful quilt-quality fabrics. My sister works there and I’ve told her time and again, I couldn’t, and take home a pay check! Knowing me, I would spend it all before going home each day!

Okay… I got off of the subject for a minute there…

For quick reference and a reminder, because I’ll sleep several times before I have a chance to make another one, I found similar instructions on the internet. I also found other ways to insert zippers in projects! 

The Sewing Novice shows how to insert a recessed zipper:

Noodlehead shares the open wide zipper opening technique:

What about the internal zippers? Craft Passion shows us how: 

Working with Laminate and zippers, like lunch sacks? Check out the video from Better Homes & Garden with tips for sewing on laminate fabric and showing clear step-by-step construction instructions! Gotta love wonder tape

And So I Sew, also took a class down under and shares clever ideas for using color within the zippered pouch!

I went out into my mother’s garage and emptied her box of zippers (some metal, but mostly nylon). With her permission, they are going back to the studio with me – whenever I get to go home because now I don’t see them as scary zippers!

I hope this round up of zipper applications will help you, too!


  1. Thanks again for including me on your list! I also love Anna's wide mouth zip bag!

    1. You are very welcome, April! It was my pleasure to share your link! Great instructions!


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