Saturday, October 5, 2013

Game Plan - Part 1

The other day I wrote, Name This Post, basically stating I had so much to do, so little time. I was totally confused as what to do, where to start first, etc. It was my way of asking for help! I know, I know! I’m on my own to figure it out!
I decided to go back through September’s posts and pick out the different things I shared and would like to do first, second, etc. So...

When I get back to the studio –

Before I do too much of anything else, I must design/create a phone pocket necklace, and get it in the mail back to Momma! She’s always forgetting to carry a phone with her, or when she does remember, she sticks the phone in her pants pocket & inadvertently pushes the “on” button or it slips out of her pocket into the chair! I totally forgot while she was visiting with us at the country last week! Should have done it then! Oh, well!

The Owl Pincushion is my all time favorite as it uses different scrappy fabrics and a variety of stitch applications. I can’t wait to get this made and use it while I’m creating everything else!

I found/bought some black Pet Screen at Home Depot (I know, black is not as fun as a “color”) but the fun print I’m going to use with it should work out nicely. I need a bag to carry my sewing supplies back & forth to the quilting club gathering I hope to get back attending when things calm down. On this one, I plan to use the open wide zipper technique Noodlehead shared.

I’ve mentioned several times… I have lots and lots of scraps. After cutting something out, if I have even enough to make a yo-yo from the tiniest scrap, I toss it in a box. After finding out about this clever lampshade, I can use the long scrap leftovers, not wide enough for a yo-yo! Okay, need another box for my upcoming collection. I have an ugly shade stashed away I’d like to recover and this will be perfect in getting my sewing room reorganized and prettied up!

Speaking of prettied – for me, I need to also make some long-stemmed flowers for my sewing room. I think I can spare 5” x 45” cuts off of some fabric before making into a pillowcase or shopping bag or wearable napkin. I’m thankful Snowy Bliss showed how to make them!  

I have a bit of Christmas Sewing I need / want to do. It won’t be too much this year… but I have this Hawaiian print I want to create something totally unexpected. I have a game plan… but I can’t share any more until after Christmas!

Another Christmas idea, after I make one for myself out of camo to match my handbag, is the origami wallet I found while writing about fabric origami projects. Bee a ba explains very nicely how to create it! I can’t wait!

Stay tuned for Part 2! I'm still working on it!

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