Thursday, September 12, 2013

Scrappy Things – A Baker’s Dozen

Today’s mission is creating a game plan to make scrappy things, using up those small pieces of fabric too small for a major project! When I start sewing again, I want quick access to an array of items, and links to the instructions. The Pincushion Evolution article I previously wrote won’t take much fabric, so it’s in the category of scrappy things, but I need more. I have sooooo many scraps...
This is only a tiny bit of my scrappy stash!

  1. Kathy, at Pink Chalk Studio, shared a great tutorial showing how to make her Water bottle carrier. I like that she pieced and quilted fabrics together to make the outside. 
  1. Sew Me Something Good gave me the inspiration to create a scrappy bag. This is something I can do to also incorporate a zipper! Remember the scary zipper article I wrote? I can do this now! 
  1. I love refrigerator magnets, especially cute ones! Heather, over at The Sewing Loft, provides the template and instructions to make these cuties!
  1. Cluck Cluck Sew has a great idea to keep little hands busy, but I saw it and thought it’s a fun way to use up those scrappy scraps and write out “Lanetta’s Creations” for my own wall or on a banner! I have lots of buttons, too!

  1. I finally know how to create a coin purse, thanks to Molly over at The Purl Bee

  1. Not too long ago my mother asked if I had a scissor pouch. I think she saw me place my GOOD sewing scissors unprotected, along with a few other tools, in a plastic box. I hadn’t really thought of it, how this could damage my scissors, so I was very excited when I stumbled upon this scrappy thing! Thank you, Brenda, for your contribution on the Popular Patchwork website! This is perfect! 

  1. I think I have every pair of denim jeans my husband and I have ever worn! Sitting in my “walk in closet” of a bedroom, you’ll find a HUGE tub filled with jeans with holes in the knees or they’ve shrunk (of course they shrink, it’s not like I’ve gain any weight over the years)! I had thought to make a rag quilt someday, but I also like the idea of making some into baskets like Threading My Way has shared! 

  1. After creating these long-stemmed fabric flowers, I love what Snowy Bliss writes: “Now my sewing room wears a smile.” 

  1. Fabric Handle Grips! Oh my! Thank you, Amy a la Mode! Having issues with my hands since Rheumatoid Arthritis hit, I’m always looking for ways to make handles bigger and more comfortable. Even if I use scrappy pieces, this would work beautifully!

  1. LAMPSHADES! I cannot tell you how timely this is! I was about to toss out an ugly lampshade…not anymore after seeing what the Junk Garden Girl shared! (She has several clever ideas besides using scrappy scraps.) There isn’t a tutorial, but I bet we can figure it out! I FOUND THE TUTORIAL!!! It's over on The Pleated Poppy page! 
  1. Shoelaces? Why not! Maureen shows us how at Maureen Cracknell Handmade! 

  1. Fabric Pom-Pom’s? Who would have thought! I’m glad Maureen did! What a clever embellishment idea. Wish I had stumbled across this for the Make it Pop – Embellish article! But, better late than never!

  1. And, last but not least, I found a lovely scrappy thing on WikiHow – a Clothesline Coil Basket (or mat)! This looks doable! 

I few other ideas caught my eye:

Make oodles of Yo-yo’s

How do you use fabric scraps?


  1. Oh, how lovely to read that my scrappy sewing has helped inspire you, Lanetta!

    It just so happens that I completed another bit of scrappy sewing and posted it here:

    1. And, it's also a cutie! Thanks for sharing this new one, too! Can't wait to try them both!

  2. This is a great round up of scrappy projects! You should see my scrap basket - it's going to take all year to make a dent, but now I've got some great ideas.

    1. Thank you, Julie! Scraps can get the better of us in a heartbeat! I'm happy I've given you some ideas to try out!


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