Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Pincushion Evolution

I have several pincushions, but they are boring. I keep an assortment of sewing needles stuck in the vintage tomato shape pincushion. At least it’s pink, rather than the traditional red. Someone once gave me a tiny pincushion created using a bottle cap, and something else, not sure. One wears it on a finger. I never could get used to it. Because I rarely throw anything away (especially if someone handmade it for me), I’m sure it’s in a tin somewhere.

For the main stay while sewing, I use a simple rectangle shaped pincushion an aunt made me about twenty plus years ago. I’m tired of it. I am ready for a new one (or two or three)!

I’m thinking pincushions for this year’s Christmas gifts! I would think everyone, not just sewists, could use a pincushion! Safety pins, anyone?

I started working on a couple before Momma fell and broke her leg the first part of July. I left them at my studio when I came to Dallas to help her mend and get back to independent living. I will finish when I return home because one is a “pass it on” gift I really need to finish and get in the mail!

The evolution of the pincushion is certainly not boring any longer! They’ve come a long way, baby!

So many…

I love this idea found on Martha Stewart’s site: Wrap around the arm of a sewing machine pincushion! For those few pins here and there, I would think this is easy to sew up and put to work quickly! Oops, I just glanced over and noticed my Pfaff. It won’t work on my machine, but maybe it will on yours!

A perfect use for scraps! Woven pincushion!

This one is a cutie: Owl pincushion. This is on the top of my list!

My favorite of all time quilt design ~ the Log cabin ~ made into a pincushion!

Okay, I like this one, too! The Bird Pincushion may be just number two on my to-do list! Their video interview with Joel shows us how!

Of course, I looked at Pinterest!

QuiltmakerMagazine has a nice collection on their Pinterest board. Then I simply searched Pinterest for Pincushions and came up with a bunch more! Check them out for great inspiration!

Do you have a favorite pincushion? 

PS! Just found Pink Polka Dot Creations, that suggests stuffing the pincushion with steel wool! Sharpen pins/needles at the same time as storing! Clever!


  1. Me, I love my "tomato" pin cushion. It sits in a blue plastic box bottom. It needs a place to be, or my cats will bat it all over the studio. Tomatoes are a very important veggie in the lives of my daughters and me, therefore a "tomato" pin cushion makes smile thinking of my girls each time I look at it. I think others style of pin cushions are cute, but for me, I will stay with the "tomato".

    1. What's important is what makes you smile!


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