Saturday, September 14, 2013

Christmas Sewing

Retail stores are beginning to put out Halloween items. Some Most are starting to move things around, getting ready for Christmas displays. For me, it’s time to start thinking about what handmade items I want to create! 

I’ve already talked about some possible gifts – pincushions and shopping bags, and maybe a few water bottles, but what else could I make?

What about decorating my home? I would like some new things. It’s been years since I’ve taken the time to make any actual decorations.

Maybe I should make a tree skirt? I’ve never had one! I have simply used a bit of white fabric and fluffed it around the base – my version of “snow”!!! We don’t put gifts under the tree at our country home… they are taken/sent elsewhere. So, I’m thinking, a skirt would show up nicely and bring an extra bit of cheer throughout the season.

š  Incorporating a bit of patchwork, this would be nice. I think I would need more time than a couple of months, however, to get it done!

š  I found this rag skirt pinned on Pinterest, but the website wouldn’t come up to give them proper credit!

š  I like the scalloped edging on this one

Then on to other places about the house…

š  Oh, I like this Mr.Santaman Wall or Door Hanging! Shellye incorporates card crafting and sewing! Clever idea!

š  Lace Bunting, another clever idea! I have many of these … 

Angels are a great inspiration for me. I love having angels sitting about the house, in the least expected places! It’s especially wonderful during Christmas time. I would like to add to my collection so I went on a mission…

I found this site with great pictures – which is a good thing, because the tutorial is in Russian! I couldn’t get Google Chrome to translate! Oh, well! I still like the "Tilda" doll shape, and think I can figure out how to make this angel based on the pictures she provided! Around the web, I’ve seen this same style angel “dressed” in different outfits, for different seasons/occasions. 

I found a Pinterest site, collected by Joanne, with lots of Tilda type dolls!

What’s on your Christmas Projects to-do list?


  1. Beautiful selection of projects, Lanetta! Thank you for including my Santaman :)

    1. Thank you, Shellye! Thank you for creating such a cute Santaman!


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