Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Just One Block

UPDATE: Thank you all for participating in this endeavor! I'm in the process of assembling the fourth and final quilt top for this project!

I listed first the Quilts of Valor Foundation in my Community Service article back in September. Yesterday, while working on a scrappy quilt for the QOV National Service project, a light bulb went off...  actually several went off (with the help of a friend!). But, for now, I want to share, and ask of you… will you make just one block for a QOV?

Maybe you want to help, and say “Thank you for your service, your sacrifice, and valor,” but don’t have the time to create and piece together an entire quilt. Maybe you can do just one block in a matter of minutes, then mail it to me!

There is an urgent call-out for more QOV since the Nightly News did a piece on this fabulous endeavor last Monday (10/21/2013).

I will collect the blocks, put them together, and get it quilted & finished according to their specifications. I will share pictures of the finished project with everyone!

What I need in just one block (based in part on their requirements):

š                  Use PRE WASHED high quality 100% cotton quilting weight fabric appropriate for an adult.
                              Do not use sheets (bedding), thin, stiff, metallic or scratchy fabric.

š    9.5” x 9.5” block – in any design you would like to create using RED WHITE AND BLUE colors!

  š  As customary in quilt making, a ¼” seam allowance is used.

Need ideas for a block? I did a google search and found quite a few “free quiltpatterns” !!!

Please consider helping me get another quilt together by making just one block!

Thanking you in advance! Send me an email when you need my address!


  1. Great idea! I'm in and sharing the news!

  2. Easy peasy -- count me in! ~ Susan

  3. Replies
    1. You're welcome, Heather! It's my honor!

  4. 9.5" is the finished size?
    I would love to do this - I have an apron business and I already have the fabrics picked out :) When do you need this?

    1. Kristin,

      I need 9.5" square sent to me. Then, I'll put all the blocks together, so "finished" (1/4" seam allowance) will be 9" square!

      So thrilled you'll be making one, too! Need it as soon as you can get it done & mailed! Email me when you're ready & I'll send you my address!

      Again, thank you for helping!

    2. Thank you for the beautiful block from Illinois!

      Also, thank you for the comment you left on the Yahoo Group!

    3. You're Welcome!

  5. Isn't that funny I have just bought Red, White and Blue fabric, so I can make a lap quilt for my son who is in the Navy I was going to send it to him in his Christmas box. What is the dead line for this block? and after I wash the fabric, I usually starch it so it is easier to handle will that be alright?
    Kathleen (Kat)

    1. Kat,
      First, THANK YOU for being a Sailor Mom! Our country is blessed to have your son, and you!

      I know he will love the Red, White and Blue quilt you are creating for his Christmas package.

      I believe using starch is a good thing, too, so no problem! Thanks for asking!

      There is no dead line! I won't stop until EVERYONE is covered!

      Again, thank you for participating in the Community QOV project!

  6. what style block are you interested in? I've previously done the Half square Triangle blocks and the ones which are three bars set straight, are you going for a particular look or just a plain square of fabric?


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