Sunday, October 6, 2013

Game Plan - Part 2

I’ve already started a few of the Community Sewing projects mentioned previously.

A Veterans scrappy lap quilt is in the works. I need to finish it up before I get into the box of scraps I’ve set aside for it and do other projects with them instead! I started it back in August/September when I had my sewing machine in Dallas, while caring for my mother. After completing only two rows, I decided my back needed my normal cutting island rather than one of her regular dining tables. I had to put it on hold until I can dedicate the time to finishing!

While back at the country on a short visit last week, I could not not sew! So, I created a few shopping bags. They are similar to the Green Bag Lady’s, but a bit more finished & detailed. I completed five and have an additional five cut out & ready to sew but ran out of time due to helping with house renovation projects. Anyway, I may take the time to do some appliqué on a few of the bags! Or, at night while watching television, I could weave some ribbon fishes for a bit of embellishment!

My goal is to provide everyone in my little town a shopping bag! According to the 2010 census, I have 1,617 more to make!

I’m thinking… I may need to re-think that goal unless I get some help! I can see an assembly line and not everyone participating has to know how to sew! Cutting out and ironing/pressing would be awesome help! Maybe I can get a small group together! Wouldn’t that be a great winter project to do for and with the community?


In addition to the shopping bags, as I pull out to work a box or sack of fabric that family and friends have given me, I’m sorting the larger pieces to use in creating fun pillowcases. None are cut out ~ yet ~ but I know where I stacked the dedicated pillowcase fabric pieces!

I don’t remember how I found them, but I contacted Volunteer Match. I found a call out for sewing items I could create and simply mail to the organization for distribution where needed. Something called dignity scarves caught my eye. Come to find out, they are similar to my Wearable Napkins! So, I’ll use some of the larger pieces of fabric to create a few for their needs.

Working on a few more ideas.

Part 3 is a "work in progress" game plan to get things done and seriously downsize my stash!

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