Sunday, September 15, 2013

Applique Tunnel Vision

I’ve had a bit of tunnel vision when it comes to applying appliques on projects. Again and again, I must remind myself: appliques are not just for quilts, or children’s clothing. I’m not saying I’ve never appliqued before, it’s just few & far between. Maybe it’s time, and a great way to use up those scraps!

After this round up of tips, techniques, and uses, I won’t shy away from using appliques on an array of items!

My go-to list:

Sew4home has a great article “How to Appliqué” sharing a list of tools needed, then tips and techniques for a variety of applications.

At Sew like my mom, Melissa has an appliqué tutorial with lots of pictures! Since I’m a visual learner, this is great!

Oh, my! Although the focus is on quilts, allpeoplequilt has a nice collection of tips within their Tip of the Day feature. Take a run through by clicking “next tip”!

Okay, I personally wouldn't classify this as “appliqué” in the traditional sense, but it’s a reminder of something I saw on one of my Sunday afternoon craft/sewing shows. Karen Millen created this “Stud and Appliqué Tote” but I saw the same technique used on a dress instead. I sure wish I could find that to share with you! It was beautiful! A perfect project to use my new Silhouette Cameo!

What about the different types of stitches to use when machine appliqueing? Check out The Crafty Quilter, and how to make a stitch sampler card like this: 

What about you? Do you appliqué?

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