Saturday, September 12, 2015

Creating an Action Quilt - Part 5

I find adding doo-dads to an Action Quilt is the best part of the entire process! While going through my stash of ribbons, trims, and textured fabrics, I’m constantly asking myself, Would a Loved One like to touch, feel, squeeze, or work with this or that doo-dad?

In my world, doo-dad is a “catch all” term representing anything added to an Action Quilt! I’ve already shared about a pocket and zipper… there are so many other things and ways to add a doo-dads!

About 99% of the time, each individual piece of fabric I’m using – either a square or rectangle – I first stitch down the doo-dads within the seam allowance.

Note: I use a 1/4” seam allowance when joining the pieces together,
so “within” seam allowance is about 1/8” – stitched several times!

Purpose: to keep the doo-dads in place rather than getting pulled out/off.

An example:

One of my pieces cut was 6.5” square. I had a scrap of white corduroy I thought would be interesting on its corner…

Then squared it again…

I then added a bit of red balled trim, first stitched straight, then added a basket stitch for a tad of embellishment…

Easy Peasy!

Remember the other day when I wrote about not ripping out? I suggested either modify or start over! I didn’t like where the doo-dads lined up on two pieces… so, I simply took off about 1/4” on one and replaced the fishy ribbon! No. Big. Deal.

Button holes…

I’ve learned Loved Ones love to work buttons through holes. Others have recommended, large buttons work best and when the buttons are not tight against the fabric.

A few things I do when stitching buttons to an Action Quilt…
  1. Use dental floss rather than thread as it’s much stronger.
  2. Put a small piece of batting (or a good thick substitute) on the wrong side of the fabric where the stitches are going to come through for the button. This will make the button much more difficult to pull through the fabric itself.
  3. Use a spacer, such as a toothpick, between the button and fabric when stitching it down.
On Monday,  I’ll show you how I work with fabrics like chiffon! The same process applies to organza or other soft type fabrics. I find it so exciting to add these textures to Action Quilts!

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