Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Creating an Action Quilt - Part 2

This is the photo I shared yesterday of the few pieces of fabric and some trims I plan on working with for this Action Quilt. As I go, I may not use something, or add another piece or two of fabric I’d rather use. This is just a starting point. There are no hard & fast “rules” – just an assortment of different textures and colors.

You may recognize a rare piece – REAL Dotted Swiss! A while back, a friend/neighbor of mine gave me a few boxes and some sacks of fabric… I found this treasure of red Dotted Swiss inside!!!

A bit of lace, satin ribbon, and chiffon will be among the “doo-dads” I’ll incorporate.

I like working with plastic pet screen (aka mini screen) as well. I made a makeup bag out of it before, a class I took with Sew Michelle at Thomas Sewing Center. It makes a nice “pocket” effect. But, certainly ~ trust me ~ keep the iron far far away from it!

I start cutting out pieces of the fabric in different sizes, anywhere from 6.5” square, 2.5” x whatever length, to a 4.5” x 12”, and lay next to each other as I go. I’ve found placing them on the grid of my cutting mat works well. 

I try and keep the size to be about 14” x 19” – to fit nicely on a lap, or tray, and folks won’t have to reach so far.

Because there is no pattern, you’re free to play with different sizes and shapes – whatever suits your fancy!

While I play, I keep in mind:

  1. Avoid the need to match seams
  2. Scatter different textures throughout
  3. Balance color around the quilt
  4. I can always change my mind
I don’t fret over using thin (like my white with colorful dots or the red dotted swiss) or flimsy (like a knit) fabric. I simply use a lightweight iron-on interfacing to act as a barrier and/or give the fabric an extra bit of body.

I highly recommend reading Vision and Alzheimer’s Disease – A Different Way to See the World and what I took from reading this article I incorporate into Action Quilts:

Color Contrast

Once I’ve cut and arranged the pieces, and I’ve applied any needed interfacing ~ keeping mindful of #1 - #4 above ~ it’s time to start adding doo-dads here and there! I’ll share tomorrow! 

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