Monday, September 14, 2015

Creating an Action Quilt - Part 6

Making Fluff –

If you’re familiar with chiffon, you know how soft and flimsy and easily it ravels out. Organza is also thin and ravels! describes Chiffon as “a sheer fabric of silk, nylon, or rayon in plain weave.”

They explain Organza as a sheer fabric and the same content, but then adds an “and” to the end: “with a crisp finish…” Yes. The organza has a nice body texture to it.

Because of raveling issues, I “pink” both in no particular shape. Because I had the selvage available on this “scrap” ~ I kept it! Why not! It won’t pucker like 100% cotton selvage would.

Then I take a little bit at a time and “pleat” the raw edges (including the selvage side), pinning as I go. It’s easier for me to sew if the majority of the pleats are going the same way – away from the presser foot.

It’s not critical to keep the raw edge of the chiffon even with the raw edge of the piece you’re using. This process is totally different than when sewing large quilt pieces together or any garments. The ONLY thing you need to be concerned with is catching all raw edges of the chiffon within the stitches you’re now sewing!

Please. Please. Please. Never sew over a pin!

You’ll see in the picture, I’m within the seam allowance (about 1/8” from the edge).

As with all doo-dads ~ I’m stitching it again to keep it nice and secure!

I treat organza the same way! I’ve used organza on a couple of other Action Quilts:

Tomorrow I'll share a few uncommon items I've incorporated onto Action Quilts! It will be "thinking outside the box" time!

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