Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Creating an Action Quilt – Part 7

Thinking outside the box …

I won’t be using the following doo-dads on this Action Quilt I’m making with you. I do, however, want to share how / what some “unconventional” things or ways I’ve used items on other Action Quilts. It’s “thinking outside the box” when it comes to doo-dads!

A large yellow acrylic bead threaded with grosgrain ribbon. I also took a piece of felt and cut slits large enough for the bead to go through. I stitched both the ends of the ribbon and the felt strip securely within the seam allowance of pieces.

Rubberized shelf liner… now that’s a cool texture for Loved Ones to have on an Action Quilt! It goes through the home laundry cycle (cold water/low heat) beautifully!

String ball shaped buttons on a metallic cording! Of course, I secured the ends of the cording within the seam allowance.

Take a piece of gingham and do a cross-stitch design!

Here I embellished a purchased dolly by crocheting a fun yarn around the edge, then doubled each button set and knotted a narrow satin ribbon through their holes. Knots and more knots on the back side secures the buttons – only scissors will get them off!

I bought a package of stretchy headbands… I made the ceramic pendant years ago (I rarely throw anything away) and put them together! I stitched the ends of the headband securely in place. Now the Loved One using this Action Quilt has something to put in the pocket! (In addition, with the pendant tucked inside the pocket and the caregiver using a safety pin to keep it in place, it will protect the washing machine & the dryer when going through the laundry process!)

A nicely covered pony tail band used as a slider…

I like using strap sliders on ribbon…

Sometimes, something catches my eye… like this scrapbook page design “Layering Papers”. I have it pinned on my Pinterest Action Quilts Board.

So I created something similar out of fabric…

 Tomorrow I’ll start putting the pieces together. I’m thinking I’m going to need one more fabric piece cut. It will be a perfect place to put a clear pocket for a photo!

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