Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Dog Bone Pillow

It's been a long time since I've made a dog bone shaped pillow! I use one just about everyday while taking an afternoon (and evening) nap in my recliner! I have no idea where I put the pattern I used. I made several... one each for my elderly parents, and the one for myself.

I'm thinking other seniors, and the homeless, would also love a small little pillow like this.

I went online to find a pattern and happened across Apron Strings and Other Ties that Bind's tutorial straightaway.

I printed out two copies of her pattern design, trimmed the paper (with "paper" scissors) and joined them together at the center with tape as she directed. I then cut out the 4 pieces, snipping a bit at the end marks where she indicated on her pattern.

This is here where I went off her directions a bit. But, I did use the 1/2" seam allowance she recommends. Oh, also, I totally agree ~ I did NOT clip the inside seam allowance anywhere!

I pinned the right sides together of the two sets and stitched from the mark, to the mark, on each "unit". I also ~ according to her directions ~ back stitched when I started and stopped, being careful not to go beyond the mark.  

After pressing the stitches to "meld", I got my iron inside and pressed the seam flat on each unit.

This dog bone pillow will be given to the same homeless person I'll give the messenger bag I created the other day. Remember the latch hook I attached on the outside of the bag?!!! That's why I've pinned a grosgrain ribbon loop on the pillow! When not in use, the pillow can stay with the bag and not get lost!

I'm sorry I failed to take a picture of pinning the two set units together! Oops! My bad!

This is what I did: I opened up the two sets and placed right sides together, matching the marks, pinning all the way around the two set units. Because I have a tendency to start daydreaming while sewing, I wanted to go ahead and get the opening done. I started sewing at the top mark, then around to the narrow bone part and stopped, back stitched, then left about a 4" space, then started sewing again (back stitching when I started up again) and on around to the mark.

The final edge to stitch was then a snap! There wasn't anything I had to remember except using a 1/2" seam allowance rather than the "normal for me" 1/4" seam allowance!

Oh, when I stitched over the ribbon loop, I back stitched and straight stitched over it within the seam allowance several times!!!

I'm ready to stuff!

I'm ready to hand stitch the seam allowance at the opening closed and it's done!

My pitiful dog bone pillow... maybe I ought to make me a new one!
NOTE to SELF: When making this again, extend her pattern about 3" longer. 

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