Friday, February 26, 2016

Whispers in the Wind

“Whispers in the Wind” is an inspiring concept that brings peace and comfort to me, just by saying the words out loud. When I read more about The Prayer Flag Project, I knew immediately I would have to create one, or two, or many.

It came about when I received an email from Quilting Daily yesterday and the subject line read: With a Wish and a Prayer. I was intrigued. Then what I discovered, I knew I wanted to share with you. Maybe you’re like me and late to the party!

Vivika Hansen DeNegre started The Prayer Flag Project back in 2011. I found her on Facebook and liked her “Vivika Hansen DeNegre Art Quilts” page for additional inspiration!

Oh, then I went to Pinterest and searched “Prayer Flag Project”! Of course I did! Such creative people in this world! I did a screen shot from the Pinterest search, just to give an example!

Now back to her blog… a sampling of her words that touched my heart and spirit:

…it is believed that the prayers on the flags are lifted to God and spread throughout the universe as they flutter in the wind. Everyone who is touched by that wind, is touched by the prayers. The wind spreads the prayers through the world, extending happiness, good will, and peace.

Realistically I will not make one a day, but I can make some. Until then, and beyond, now each time I feel the wind on my face, I will be absorbing the prayer from a Prayer Flag someone, somewhere in this world, has made. Because, now I know about the whispers in the wind!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Block of the Month (BOM)

A while back, I had a wild notion to create a Block of the Month Mystery series for the closed Facebook Group, Lone Star of Texas Quilts for Others. That notion passed. I realized it’s like reinventing the wheel with so many fabulous already established BOMs available! Some charge a fee to have access to the block patterns. Really?

Just this morning, I haven’t a clue how I stumbled across, but I discovered two free BOMs! Because they basically just started, I’m not that late to the party! I’m excited about them and wanted to share with you! Once I post this, I’m gathering my fabric together and will catch up!

Note: I’m not using their recommended fabrics, but what I already have on hand. Don’t get me wrong, I love working with Moda fabrics! Fabulous quality! But, I have so much fabric already I need to use before buying more!
 I did download the supply list so I can know the color values (lights mediums darks) and how much of what in yardage I will need.

My Secret Garden by Pat Sloan – finished size 68” x 86”
This is our go-to page on Free Quilt Patterns

The Splendid Sampler by Jane Davidson & Pat Sloan
This one just started 2/14 and currently shows 2 blocks available, out of 100!
I’m not sure what the overall finished size will be on this one.
Our go-to page is here.
Needless to say ~ 100 blocks ~ The Splendid Sampler will not be the usual “Block of the Month” experience!!! But, what a wonderful way to cover all the possibilities found in creating a quilt top!

Will you join me?

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Quilts for Furry Friends

It’s so hard for me to throw away any fabric scraps. It must be itty bitty before it finds its way into the trash can. Even then, I want to save, and use it to stuff something, or tie it onto a heart-shaped coat hanger! While watching television at night, I’m working on a wall hanging for my new sewing room!

Each project I do, I know I’ll have fabric left over. Trust Me: It’s much better than running out of fabric before the end of a project! Anyway ~

What to do with what’s leftover? It is usually not big enough to make much of anything else so it goes in the box of scraps. (I had to laugh after re-reading that last sentence… as if I only have one box of scraps!) I’m constantly looking for small, worthwhile, projects to do.

Then I saw this post yesterday in a (UK based) Facebook group that I’m part of, “Helping Hands –stitching and sewing for good causes”:

For any USA members, make kennel quilts for local shelter and get the chance to win this cute machine .. sad I can't enter

Yes! I went to the link (I hope you do as well!) and read everything about the project! I “liked” the Bernina Facebook page and read more…

BERNINA is helping by donating to the Petfinder Foundation and The Quilt Pattern Magazine's Kennel Quilt Team. Click here to learn more.

I “liked” the TQPM Small Kennel Quilts Facebook page. And, of course, the Petfinder Foundation page. The Quilt Pattern Magazine is another page I clicked to “like”!

You can find the official rules for entering the contest here.

You can find the kennel quilt guidelines here! Lots of patterns available!

It is not about a chance of wining a Bernina 350, although I’m sure I could find a wonderful use for it! It’s helping the animals awaiting their forever home!

I am the only entry – so far! Check it out! Then, vote daily beginning 03/01/2016 through 03/15/2016!!!

Don’t worry, I’ll remind everyone!

Be sure to let me/us know if you also create one and enter the contest!

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