Friday, February 26, 2016

Whispers in the Wind

“Whispers in the Wind” is an inspiring concept that brings peace and comfort to me, just by saying the words out loud. When I read more about The Prayer Flag Project, I knew immediately I would have to create one, or two, or many.

It came about when I received an email from Quilting Daily yesterday and the subject line read: With a Wish and a Prayer. I was intrigued. Then what I discovered, I knew I wanted to share with you. Maybe you’re like me and late to the party!

Vivika Hansen DeNegre started The Prayer Flag Project back in 2011. I found her on Facebook and liked her “Vivika Hansen DeNegre Art Quilts” page for additional inspiration!

Oh, then I went to Pinterest and searched “Prayer Flag Project”! Of course I did! Such creative people in this world! I did a screen shot from the Pinterest search, just to give an example!

Now back to her blog… a sampling of her words that touched my heart and spirit:

…it is believed that the prayers on the flags are lifted to God and spread throughout the universe as they flutter in the wind. Everyone who is touched by that wind, is touched by the prayers. The wind spreads the prayers through the world, extending happiness, good will, and peace.

Realistically I will not make one a day, but I can make some. Until then, and beyond, now each time I feel the wind on my face, I will be absorbing the prayer from a Prayer Flag someone, somewhere in this world, has made. Because, now I know about the whispers in the wind!


  1. I'm so glad you are inspired by the Prayer Flags Project! Thank you for stopping by and I'm so glad you want to participate! It is a beautiful project. :D

    1. Oh, how can I not be! It is humbling to be part of this project!

  2. What a lovely post. I'm so touched that this project, started 5 years ago, still is touching people's hearts.

    1. Thank you for the inspiration!
      I'm in the process of creating my first one!


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