Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ten Discoveries

Although I have continued the daily search for at least ten new things, I’ve not shared my discoveries in a while. With the renewing rain coming down on parts of Texas this early morning, giving us much relief from the scorching heat and drought conditions, I want to celebrate by sharing!

1. Someone graciously took the time and effort to provide us all with a fabulous set of pictures from the past. "Scan of the Woman's Institute booklet, Fancy Aprons and Sunbonnets, published 1916, with instructions to draft patterns for a dozen aprons, a clothes-pin bag, two sunbonnets and a sunhat."

2. Double (twin) needles came with my sewing machine, meaning I’ve had them for almost 20 years now, but I’ve never used them. Happened across this article “Double Needles Demystified” and will certainly try out the technique!

3. I’m a visual learner. I learn things quicker and retain more when I’ve seen a picture, or watched a video tutorial. It’s amazing all the well produced videos available at Made by Marzipan’s site.

4. On Crystelle Boutique’s site, she has a link to her Tutorial Boutique! Check out the clever Valentine’s wreath. Think Christmas socks! You’ll know what I mean when you see the tutorial!!!

5. I shared the SEW-lutions Guidelines site last September (National Sewing Month), but it’s worth repeating as it’s a great resource whenever a question on how to do a particular sewing technique comes up! 

6. May just have found the perfect Christmas gift to make for Momma at To Sew With Love.

7. Jill has listed 10 Reasons to Sew and I totally agree with them all! Especially number 9!

8. Craftstylish has an array of categories! I especially like “Craft”! 

9. At Creating my way to Success there are 10 blogging tips. A must read/apply I’ll do in a bit! She also has instructions for a notebook cover project I want to do for myself. I carry a spiral in my purse for freewriting whenever a character begins sharing a storyline. I get frustrated when digging for a pen, finding the spiral open & other stuff I carry in my purse is caught between the now open pages & that stuff spills out as I grab the spiral. Other writers know exactly what I’m talking about!

and last, but not least…
10. I’m tired of the limitations found at my local (20+ mile away one way) store. Now I’ll make my own doll buttons using polymer clay with the help of Beads and Beading! If I can remember where I put the clay I bought months ago!

Please share some of your discoveries!

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