Sunday, September 25, 2011

New Word for the Dictionary

Here is a word that should be in the dictionary: sewist! According to the word SEWIST does not exist. It shows: “No results”. Maybe it’s time to update the dictionary! It’s perfect to refer to myself – and anyone else who sews – as a sewist! Why did I even bring this up? What started this questioning? How did I come up with the word? I didn’t! It’s from a fabulous packed-full-of-information email newsletter I receive through the All Free Sewing website. Their newsletter begins: “Hello Sewists”. Love it!

Don’t hesitate to register on the All Free Sewing website. Their by-line reads: “Free Patterns To Keep You In Stitches”! And, it’s so true! It contains so much information, a huge selection of free patterns, basic sewing techniques (refreshers we can use from time to time) and tutorials. I highly recommend (and I don't receive any money from them!). Check the site out when you have time, a question, or you’re searching for a quick gift project you need!

I’m a sewist! Are you?

This is the last Sunday in the 2011 National Sewing Month celebration! What will you sew, you Sewist, you?!?

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