Monday, November 21, 2011

Participating in an Arts and Crafts Show

A magical happening happened at the Arts and Crafts Show this past Friday and Saturday. It made the entire process so worthwhile – the getting ready, packing the pickup, unloading, setting up, waiting for the doors to open, meeting/greeting lovely people, selling Handmade in Texas by me items, packing up, driving home – all came down because of the one special woman I was there to meet. I had prayed and prayed she would visit the show and that our paths would cross.  
The primary focus of Lanetta’s Creations is creating handmade items for the women in our lives. Occasionally a chef’s apron maybe considered unisex, depending on the fabric’s print and lack of fu-fu. Anytime – upon request – special, custom made orders for men are created.
But, getting back to the woman – my handmade aprons will fit just about any body size. The apron’s neck straps and waist ties make the adjustments to fit rather nicely… most of the time. From one end of the spectrum to the other – extreme smallness or largeness – aprons are not usually found unless through special orders, or in this case, intuition.

The week before the show, I realized I did not have a Plus Size apron available. It was an “OH, NO” moment indeed! Something inside me told me to create one, NOW!

So, I did.

I didn’t know what size to make this “plus” but I knew to make it adjustable. The straps attached at the shoulders, then criss-crossed at center back, fed through loops at the waist edge area, then could tie in a bow or knot either in front or back, depending on the individual’s needs. Needless to say, the straps were extremely long and were all over the place!

Mildred the model doesn't do the apron justice...

On Saturday, as a couple of women slowly walked by my booth, one stopped and started looking through the rack of aprons I had available. The other one stayed behind, in the aisle, and just glanced around at my other items displayed on the tables. She was a lovely lady with a beautiful smile. I went over to her and asked quietly if she’d do me a favor, that I had an apron I’d designed I was trying to work out the kinks so the wearer could put it on without help!

Her first response, shaking her head, “I haven’t worn an apron in years.”

But then she graciously said she’d help me. As I put it on her, I explained how the straps went around this way and that way. She took it off, then put it on herself without help from me.

Her whole face absolutely lit up when she realized the apron fit! The other woman (I found out later was her sister) told her how lovely she looked. It was then, she left her purse and bag in my booth and ran over to a jewelry booth the next aisle over that had a mirror. In my mind, the entire place lit up with her beaming smile as she returned!

Yes! This was the woman I made the apron for and why I was at this Arts and Crafts show!

Although I’m grateful for all the doll clothes and other items that went home with happy campers, this one sale, this answer to my prayers, this woman’s happiness will always hold a special place in my heart!


  1. A truly beautiful event. Like the star fish and the little that one person you made a difference the memory will last a life time for the both of you.

  2. Wow...congrats on the sale!

    where was the craft show? I really need to start doing shows myself.. I can't find them until it's too late... where do you hear about them if I may ask?

    Have a great day!

    cobalt moon jewelry

  3. Thank you!!!!

    It's been a struggle to find indoor shows that's within my budget! I found this site, and they have started their 2012 calender already!

    Different Chamber of Commerce websites list events, too! Schools also have spring & fall festivals... check their websites!!!

    Hope this helps & good luck!

    (Haven't figured out how to post to my own blog! It says I'm not authorized! Go figure!)


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