Thursday, November 15, 2012

English Peas & Thanksgiving

Where has this year gone? It’s difficult to wrap my head around the fact that this time next week it will be Thanksgiving. My goodness! I need to get my recipes together and a grocery shopping list prepared!

Throughout all the years, I’ve missed sharing only one Thanksgiving Dinner with my parents. I remember that year as if it was yesterday. Although I then lived in Shreveport, work took me to Hot Springs, Arkansas for six weeks training – landing Thanksgiving near the end of the sprint. I just couldn’t make it down to Dallas.

It was an odd feeling that day, eating alone at a restaurant. Since Daddy became a diabetic, I’ve learned more about nutrition and the balance of foods in the diet. Because of the lack of side dishes offered, it was the Thanksgiving I learned to eat English Peas.
2011 Thanksgiving
That Thanksgiving many years ago instilled in me the importance of celebrating the holiday with family, specifically with my parents. When I can spend any day with them, is a celebration within itself. My heart/mind knows I don’t have many left.

For me, Thanksgiving is an extra special time (Christmas is as well, but I’m trying to stay focused here, on point).

Last year, I told Momma I really wanted to prepare “next year’s Thanksgiving” meal for everyone. I rarely entertain anymore. I can’t remember the last time Bud & I had guests over (that’s another story and I’m not going off topic).  

She forgot…

I reminded her.

I’m looking forward to grocery shopping this Sunday afternoon, then Monday when I start baking pies!

Maybe I ought to add English Peas to the menu…

 How will you celebrate Thanksgiving?

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