Sunday, December 30, 2012

Fifth Day of Christmas

On the fifth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me: Five Golden Rings! Did you sing this, even if only in your head? Five golden rings symbolize the first five books of the Old Testament.

I discovered something very interesting when preparing this article!
The first seven “gifts” are birds, and the last five are people engaged in various activities. None of them is jewelry. The “golden rings” in the song are golden ring-necked pheasants.
Source:  10,000 Birds

Photo Credit: Benelli USA

I never knew the “golden rings” referred to a pheasant! I’d always thought it meant jewelry! Nope!

This just reinforces the fact we’re never too old to learn!

I enjoy learning new techniques and skills, then apply what I’ve learned to Lanetta’s Creations.

For quite a while now, I’ve heard about Sew Beautiful magazine, but never was at the store at the right time to pick one up. When my sister & I went out shopping on Christmas Eve, we were standing in the checkout line and I mentioned the magazine to her. Well I’ll be, she turned around, pointed, and asked, “Is this it?”

She got it for me and I found it in my stocking the next day! Aren’t sisters grand!?!

I’ve gone to their website, many times. But, there is nothing like sitting in a comfortable chair, reading a quality magazine! I will read, and re-read this one again and again. Thank you, Sister!

Until the end of the year, all aprons at Lanetta’sCreations are on sale! Use coupon code 121212 at checkout to receive 50% off! All other items have free shipping (no coupon code necessary) until the end of the year!

I recently sold my last Valentine’s Day themed apron! Don’t fret! I’ll create more very soon! I have a new design ~ very figure flattering ~ I’m mulling over in my head. It will be a full apron, this I know for sure.

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