Friday, October 17, 2014

Do you have the time?

I need your help! It's difficult making the selection because I love them all!

I’d like to make something like this quilt I found at Block Central (but not as big so minus the outside border), 
Sentimental Journey
Block of the Month Quilt
using Downton Abbey fabrics!

I found this "team" chart on a Mystery Quilt that Love Bug Studios will hold in January 2015, but I'm not participating because I want to see what I'm working toward!

You can find more, and bigger swatches at Hawthorne Threads

So I need six (6) different pieces of fabric! I need:
2 darks (one will be used for the dark border & binding)
2 lights
2 mediums

What are your picks? Which six do you think will go nicely together? Because I love them all, I'm not mindset on sticking with one specific person/character.

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