Thursday, October 16, 2014

Moving On

Several times within the articles I’ve written for Lanetta’s Creations, I’ve offered links to various community and national services projects I found, and support their missions, their purpose. For well over a year now, I have been actively involved with a specific non-profit organization because I supported (and still support) its mission: “to cover service members and veterans touched by war with comforting and healing Quilts of Valor.” I’ve made and awarded several Quilts of Valor® over the past year. A separate blog shares my journey, albeit short under the umbrella of this organization.

It’s with a heavy heart that in January 2015, the powers-that-be will put in place a set of new policies and procedures toward a direction I cannot fully support without further information. Enough said on that. I will add, however, that fortunately they do not have a registered trademark on creating and presenting quilts for our veterans!

Many other non-profit organizations and simple gatherings of like-minded people are creating quilts across the nation that honor our veterans and service members!

Of course, a new ~ closed ~ Facebook group has started! If you want a place to gather for support and encouragement while creating quilts for our veterans, and other fabulous community and national service projects, feel free to join our Facebook group, Lone Star of Texas Quilts for Others!

Lone Star of Texas Quilts for Others is a place for like-minded folks to gather while creating quilts for others! As we journey through National and Community based service endeavors, we offer support and encouragement to one another.

And, a new blog is in the works! The Lone Star of Texas Quilts for Others will be the place I’ll share pictures, the journey, and events for those that “Honor Your Years of Service” quilts and beyond!

Our 2nd gathering = a fabulous start!
The ladies and I, in the Lampasas County Chapter of Lone Star of Texas Quilts for Others, are in the process of creating 30 quilts for our Lometa American Legion Post 116. Once presented, LCC will move on to cover the members of Post 277 in Lampasas. Beyond that, who knows! I know Lampasas County has many more veterans that do not belong to an American Legion post!

As of today, I’ve changed the non-profit organization that benefits from the following websites I frequently use: (instead of Google or Bing etc) (instead of simply Amazon)

I hope you will select a non-profit that you can support and use these simple tools to help fund their operational expenses.

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