Monday, March 2, 2015

"The Quilt Lady"

Someone I’d never met before gave me one of the nicest compliments I’ve heard in a long time! Before a meeting, we were sitting around a table introducing ourselves, and when I said my name to a lady, she immediately said, “Oh! You’re the Quilt Lady!”

I must say, it took me by surprise! What a nice way to be known!

With the arrival of March yesterday, this Quilt Lady is celebrating National Quilting Month!

For me, I celebrate quilting every day, every month, every minute I possibly can! Quilts bring back many fond memories. I remember sleeping underneath a pile of quilts (long before electric blankets or electric mattress pads came along in my parent’s or my grandparent’s home). I remember spreading a quilt out, for a wine and cheese picnic next to Turtle Creek when my husband and I first began dating. Now, a quilt always covers me while curled up in my chair reading a good book.

Why do quilts matter?

It’s a transformation process filled with prayerful love that is hard to explain. Those that create quilts will understand this. Those covered with a quilt will feel the warmth, literally and figuratively.

Quilts matter.

I am blessed to be known as “The Quilt Lady”.

I am blessed my Mother taught me how to sew.

I am blessed now I can give back...


  1. You, indeed, are the Quilt Lady. Thanks to Mother for showing me a sewing machine, THANK YOU for helping me understand quilting. I have a lot more to learn from you, but I'm a tagging along at my turtles pace...(until gardening season, then it will be at a snails pace), nonetheless, at a pace.

    1. You are welcome!
      Thank you for your continued support and encouragement!

      I am so thrilled you are also now quilting! Keep up the great work!


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